Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am concerned about my brain. Deeply, deeply concerned.

My dreams have become, as of late, quite disturbing. They range from the supremely absurd to the heartbreaking, leaving me a bewildered mess when I wake up. Let's take last night:

Brain clip 1:

I'm having lunch with my exboyfriend (who has all but forgotten me, but not my friends who he seeks out on Facebook, anyway...) poolside. Next to us, Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner are squeezed into a chaise lawn chair thingy talking and pointing at us. I'm not sure why, until I notice that the exbf is wearing a Christian Siriano designed short, puffy sleeved, fitted dark denim jacket with Carhartts. It gets fuzzy at that point, but I'm pretty sure I got up and left upon this realization.

Brain clip 2:

I'm living in Northampton and want to go to Fairway to buy groceries in NYC. I also want my favorite dumplings at the Cottage on 77th and Amsterdam. I go online to reserve a Zipcar, because now I'm suddenly in Boston, but decide to take the Fung-Wah bus to avoid driving myself in traffic. I ultimately decide that since I have a car, neither of the aforementioned would be necessary. Needless to say, I woke up very sad when I realized I'm not only more than a two to four hour drive away, but hundreds of dollars and connecting flights stand between Fairway and me.

If my brain matter could sing, it would sound like Nina Simone.

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Big Daddy said...

That first one's a doozy.

I have been having some funked out dreams as well.

One included being in a horror movie situation, which was then turned in to an actual horror movie [it involved a monster in a mall parking garage], and later me telling someone about the movie after I saw it.