Saturday, December 06, 2008

Attempt at humor FAIL!

Surely, you have been all over FAIL blog, surely. It's a good time, trust me. In an effort to prevent my premature death from extreme ultimate boredom disease, I went on the hunt for a FAIL in my own flickr account, which was hard because I only have like three pictures and one of them is of a chinchilla I would name Bobby Flay. I captioned, clicked and submitted! What do we think? Not doing it for you?

I took this photo when I was subbing for an AP/remedial English class at Noble High School when I first returned to the OK. For realz.


Michael5000 said...

Let's say "they're" was spelled right. So: they're hungry. Wouldn't that be a good reason ~TO~ feed them?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Nice

I'm wondering if seeing that made you:
1) glad you were only the sub
2) sad, because you obviously had your cut out for you
3) both 1 & 2