Monday, April 04, 2011

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Baby H Edition.

I made H-man a little low-key playlist to listen to instead of constant TV chatter while nursing, staring off into space, making inadvertently hilarious faces, farting, burping, sleeping, and all of the other things H likes to spend his day doing.  Now, these songs are not baby friendly, of course, just soothing sounding, to me anyway.  Also, I've totally crapped out in the new music department, so these are all old.  Prepare to be lulled into calmness.

Yeah.  114 songs.  I know.


Jeannette said...

"Trying My Best To Love You" is a little high on the baby playlist, no?

Congrats on pro-creating!

blythe said...

I know, not the best way to start off a new relationship... but hey, it soothes him and that is priceless!