Friday, April 08, 2011

Dear Baby, now known as Henry,

Thank you so much for allowing a night of reasonable sleep.  Dude, you rock.  Yeah, it's the first night since you've been around that this has happened, but I'll take it!  I didn't wake up feeling hungover (which is so sad since there's still no alcohol in my life) and I somewhat unjumbled thoughts and can almost speak in complete sentences!  Yay!  Also, since you're blissed out in your carnival ride of a swing (I swear it goes too fast and too high- scary), I'm able to freely peruse the internets on the ol' comp using two hands!  Nice.  I found this, which will hopefully answer that time old question I ask at least once a week when I feel guilty about all of the take-out we've been shoveling into our faces.

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