Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Lord, it's only Wednesday.

Allegedly, I have to return to work soon. Perhaps not.  A) no childcare yet - nothing is working out! B) I can't leave him!   In the meantime, I will continue my days of random naps, cereal binging, 10am showers, jammie wearing, boob proffering and general slovenliness, which means excessive time spent on the interwebs...

Baby blogs I'm digging:

Baby Sauce
Baby Mama Jams

Randomness worth mentioning:

Tom Haverfoods - must be Parks & Rec fan

Kristin  Chenoweth pimping the OKC Thunder on Ellen.  Rock on little lady.  Also, Thunder up!  Gotta beat the Nuggets tonight.  I got a t-shirt and everything...

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