Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here's what you should be doing today:

go to your local book store (which in the case of Oklahoma is Barnes and Noble since there are no local bookstores and Borders is on its way out) and buy the Bossypants audio book (or go to iTunes or Amazon like I do for everything because I am exceedingly lazy*).  Insert/import and enjoy the dulcet faintly Pennsylvanian tones of T-Fey recounting bits of her life including hi-larious musings on breastfeeding and the kind of poop that goes up a baby's back.  You know what I'm talking about. 

*I'd like to mention that I'm not suggesting that you get the audio book because I'm even too lazy to read.  No, Tina's delivery of her work is critical for maximum enjoyment.  Funnypants.  Also, when listening to an audio book, you can do other things like rubbing lanolin into your nips, hooking yourself up to your freedom machine (what I call my breast pump), cleaning up aforementioned back poop, eating lunch in 2.5 seconds with one hand, peeing (the only time you spend alone each day, if you're lucky), running your 22nd load of laundry for the day, wrestling a $17 baby toy out of the jaws of your dog, speaking of which...

Read Tina's prayer for her child here. I mean it, read it.

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