Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy me day!

This will (obviously) be my first Mother's Day.  Due to K's aversion to all things holiday, I will yet again be left out of the commercialized fun and vaguely disappointed (nothing I can do about it).  However, I can whip up a fantasy list of gifts I wouldn't mind receiving...

Audrey (you know, I've never owned nor desired a coach item until I saw this, now I covet)

New Balance WW850 (to get my toning on - I need it)

Henry necklace (you know, in case I forget I have him)

Pretty posts (since I fear the days of wearing my favorite ginormous F21 earrings are coming to an end soon)

Duvet cover (I like this one because I don't think you'll really be able to tell how wrinkled it would become with all of it's folds - genius!)

Watch (I have to time everything and digging my phone out of a diaper bag or bottomless purse takes forever)

Tory Burch Reva Flats (classics - I need to start cultivating a collection of classics rather than crapsics that are on sale at Marshall's)

Summer Dress (I've worn out my other Calypso St Barth stuff and need a replacement - well worth the $$)

Le Creuset (oh wait, Shain already got this for me!  i needed a way to publicly out him as a nice person in spite of his evil internet persona)

That's all. Not a big list, really. Also, I would settle for an Aveda mani/pedi. Or a healthy, happy baby boy. I suppose that's good enough.

H modeling his recent H&M acquisition shipped all the way from Germany!

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