Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 31 Update

Sick.  It's like I'm making up for all of the first trimester morning sickness I skipped out on in one weekend.  Blech.  The only way I feel ok is to be still.  Very still.  Which is working out today, since my office flooded over the weekend.  So, between bouts of extreme nausea, I'm trying to work from home since I literally have no office (apparently mine flooded the most - burst chiller pipe?), no computer (they're using mine to support the main university switchboard, which runs out of our office - yay HR!), and no files (they've been wheeled away somewhere to dry out).  Here's hoping tomorrow's better for everyone.  Also, here's hoping that I can get myself to birth preparation class tonight, even though it seems kinda lame.  K and I laughed through the breathing techniques because we're super mature (in spite of being probably the oldest couple there).

Fruit/veg update: bambino is now the size of four navel oranges, whatever that means.  All I know is that he's definitely growing, and so am I.  Like a second chin.   Boo.

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