Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Week 29 Update

It's about that time.  The time to compare a (teeny, tiny) human with a vegetable.  Butternut squash to be exact.

Not so much to report aside from the fact that I think I had my first hormonal freak out over New Years, like uncontrollable sobbing accompanied by death stares and the silent treatment.  Marry me!  However, I've sincee returned to my senses (sort of/for now) and things seem to be cooking along just fine.  I went in last week for an appointment and have only gained one pound since my last.  I'm not sure how that's possible since my boobs alone surely weigh 10 million pounds.  Also, that brings my total weight gain to a whopping seven pounds since this all started.  Surely, something's going to give and I will balloon.  But, until then, I'll enjoy looking vaguely pregnant and feeling pretty good most of the time.  Being the little dude's landlord has been a piece of cake so far.  So far...

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