Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Day!

In the OK, we don't have snow days often, but we do have ice days!  And today is such a day.  They always start early, with employees and school children clicking between local news channels to see which will report their closing first.  If you're my mom (middle school principal), this starts at roughly 3.30am.  If you're me, you wait until your mom calls you at 5.45am to report that she's off the hook for the day, too bad about your school, but she will call your boss to tell her you're not coming in because Mom simply forbids it (I drive about 25 miles each way to work), even though I'm almost 30 and sperminated.  In any event, after a flurry of whiny text messages with coworkers, success!  School is closed!  Until noon.  Which is better than nothing, especially since the roads are projected to be totally fine until then.  The only hiccup is that I have a root canal scheduled for 1pm today.  Which is worse?  Root canal or driving the treacherous roads for a half day of work only to turn around and get stuck in traffic for hours on the way home?  Oh, life, with your choices and whatnot.

Woot! (except the problem is I have like 10 million kajillion things to do and would actually like to be there, but don't want to ruin my one and only car.)

In a related story, Zeb hasn't seen snow or ice since he was a baby dog and it was hilarious to watch him get reacquainted this morning.  I wish there was more accumulation so he could bound around in it.  He spent a good five minutes just licking at what little there was, then skidding across the patio.  Adorbs.

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