Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've got your Golden Globes right here...

First, I didn't watch, so I can't weigh in on the whole Ricky Gervais was a tool thing, but, dudes, the people he ragged on are also tools, so, whatever.  Secondly, K and I went to see Black Swan, which is a GG related activity, I think.  While I loved it, K loathed it.  Too much ballet and classical music for his taste, he said.  Even the lady on lady action couldn't keep his attention.  It did mine, though.  Dang!  Mila Kunis is waaaaay underrated and super hot.  You lose Kevin McCallister.  However, when we got home, I wasn't too disturbed by disfigured swans to hightail it over to the bajillion websites covering the GG dress parade.  And man, it was a bad one.  Everyone looked like shit, in my opinion, except for one special lady.  The Swinton.  Ever since I stumbled upon Orlando back in middle school I have been involved in a bizarre, androgynous love affair with both Virginia Woolf and Tilda Swinton.  Happily, Tilda has been cranking out stellar performances ever since and that requires her to make red carpet appearances every so often (Virginia, not so much).  Behold, The Swinton as best described by the Fug Girls (my favorite online anything):

Right on T.Swint.

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Michael5000 said...

Virtually everything you just said went over my head.