Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I accidentally bought a straw fedora last week to celebrate my staycation (which, in all likelihood, I will never, ever wear). Does this make me:

A) 33.3% douchey

B) 69% douchey , or

C) 100% douchey

I cannot stay away, yet cannot pull off trends - not only because I look like poo, but also because I end up feeling like a huge tool. I mean, really, who wears a straw fedora except UrbanOutfitters models. Enjoy my closet, hat.

(Not to mention I have a super weirdly shaped head, among other things. Date me!)


Julie_Gong said...

i bought 2 recently. it either makes you douchey or gay. or both.

blythe said...

maybe that's it. i just need two to cancel out the douchegayness.

Julie_Gong said...

let's hope although i'm thinking i'm a lost cause.

J said...

At least it was something semi in fashion. I bought a cowboy looking hat (wide brimmed type) with messy leopard designs all over it. My BF was like, "Why." I was like "cause I'll totally use it for a fancy dress party or just wear it and be totally cool!"

Alas, it is so not cool :( it has never been worn once.

Perhaps you can save it? Pair it with a vest and make a costume out of it. Or... deconstruct it and re-use the straw x(

Julie_Gong said...

i now have 3. kill me. in my defense the last one was given to me.