Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you are contemplating your 10 year high school reunion*

don't go. Let me tell you why. Basically, unless you are 1000.5% happy with the trajectory of your post high school life, it's not all that much fun. First, if you left town to go to college, one that was 2000 miles away, and come back to live here again sans super awesome job or adorable family, people will look at you with failure. Two, everyone is married, pregnant or nursing, so you're the only person who gets tanked on the free beer. Finally, if you graduated in 2000, reunion organizers think it's cute to play late 90s/early 2000s music, and we all know that era blew balls. Hard. Don't get me wrong, everyone I blathered to was perfectly nice and well adjusted, but it just wasn't inspiring or even the least bit fun. I'm hoping that at the 30 year mark, we're all rich as fuck and know how to actually throw a kick ass party (still with free beer). In the meantime, must begin scheme to evacuate the OK. I think it's time.

*sounds like a Belle & Sebastian song title, no?


Dane said...

Thanks for the Heads Up! My 10 year reunion is in a month and I'm not planning on going. While it would be good to see one or two of those I haven't seen in a long time, I don't care to put up with the D-bag meth heads I used to go to HS with!

OkieRover said...

At my 10 year reunion a formerly athletic female classmate's comment about all the women there says it all. "Why did everyone get so fat?"
She had not gotten fat and pretty much every girl but one or two had really increased their mass.

Most of the conversations revolved around who had already died and who had been to, or were currently in PRISON.

Julie_Gong said...

My 10 year is in November. I will be getting drunk on free beer and mocking everyone with children. Because lets be serious... I am still better than everyone in my high school regardless if they are now a rocket scientist. I can't wait!

John said...

I skipped mine and didn't miss it.

Plus, I didn't have to pretend I remembered people's names!

Anonymous said...

You got any dirt for me? -christal