Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Tuesday edition.

Let me tell you a secret. I don't like any new music right now. None of it. Yeah, sure I bought the new Andrew Bird album (he's coming to Cain's in March!!!*) and The Bird And The Bee, but they're not really doing all that much for me. It's kind of like getting the Guiltless™ Chicken Pita at Chili's when what you really want is the Awesome Blossom (p.s. have you seen this website yet?). Everything that's out there is a big fat meh. Here's what's stuck in my head:

You Left the Water Running - Otis Redding

Erotic City - Prince

Train Song - Vashti Bunyan (but all I can find is the new Feist/Ben Gibbard version)

Got To Get You Into My Life - Earth Wind and Fire version (I know, I know)

What the eff is wrong with me?

I think I'm going to turn things over from now on to some locals who know what they're talking about. Check out Salad Days Music.*

*Salad Days, be prepared for your traffic to soar by 0.


Mr. Shain said...

i kinda agree with you on the new andrew bird album--seems like a lot of b-sides to me.

blythe said...

i know. what's up, andrew b? perhaps it will grow on me.

mindy said...

What about the ART that is Lady Ga Ga? I mean, talk about TALENT, right?


d said...

i've been hating on all new music myself.

BUT i did just download phosphorescent's new willie nelson covers album and it is fantastic.

blythe said...

mindy - right?

d - you can't go wrong with willie nelson. ever.