Monday, February 16, 2009

New York: The city that never pees.

That's the trouble with New York, no public restrooms. I blew my budget on soy chai lattes (chosen over what I'd normally drink because the state has the audacity of making consumers aware of the calories they are set to consume - gasp!) just so I could take a piss at a Starbucks (it was a vicious cycle). Such is life in the big city. Here it is, photo essay style:

This is my favorite grocery store of all time. I putzed around for quite some time, imagining a cart stuffed with delectable morsels. I actually contemplated shipping groceries home, but snapped out of it. While I was in the neighborhood, I found my way to my dumplings and stuffed my face with Sichuan goodness. Ah.

So (friend from college visiting NY by way of Germany), K (her sister) and I joined gpulp for a symposium she organized for her school. It made my brain work, which hurt.

Look! It's Harpoon UFO! Thank the Lord! I can now die happy.

I can't remember which evening it was, but gpulp checked her mail and lo and behold, there was a package from none other than M5K. It's true! It all makes sense if you read this. Even though it makes sense, it doesn't make it any less surreal that real life friends and blog peeps have intersected all over the place.

My first Pinkberry. It was pretty good. Not gonna lie.

$240 worth of pudding, try $960 worth of Mexican food, mostly pitchers of 'ritas.

I wish there were lots of funny stories to tell, but mostly it was just a nice retreat from daily life involving lots of walking, subway riding, store gawking, coat wearing, bagel eating (finally!) and sleeping in. Delightful.


Seriously? That was mean, Blythe. said...
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Jeannette said...

I could only excuse $960 of Mexican food if there were 96 people in your party. Doesn't taco bell still have the dollar menu and Walmart have those freezable margarita buckets?

How many people were you?

Actually, I might pay $100 for a real Mexican meal here in Japan. The margaritas in this country come in square wooden boxes and kidney beans are considered a dessert.

Matt A said...

Were there about 24 people in your party?

G said...

There were 24 or 25 people, I think, so it wasn't too bad per person.

blythe said...

j - walmart has buckets of margaritas? and i didn't know about this?

matt - were you there? how did you know that? do you win those competitions when they're all like count the number of jelly beans in the fishbowl thing?

g - it wasn't really. it's still shocking to see sucha large number for us country folk.

Clark Matthews said...

Why were you eating "Mexican" food in New York, anyway?

Big Daddy said...

My secret for going to the restroom in Manhattan, is use hotels.

Granted, they make think you're a tourist, but at least there usable and you don't have to buy anything.

Michael5000 said...

Woo-hoo! I added to your surreality!

Todd said...

If they made mexican dumplings, I'd be 400 pounds.