Friday, January 16, 2009

I might be a dog murderer and other stories.

Recently, I was dining out with the BF (no, this doesn't bode well for impending nuptials to myself, but Mexican food is my kryptonite). We left the restaurant and I noticed a dog chilling at the corner of the street where we parked. I moved in to take a closer look and noticed that he was wearing a collar, but no tags. Also, he was dragging a "leash" made from tying to shoestrings together. Sadness abounded. He seemed happy and healthy, so I thought I'd pick up the end of the leash to see if he led me anywhere useful. No. I tried knocking on the doors of the surrounding homes to see if he belonged to them or if they knew him. No answer. I walked him to the end of the street while I tried to figure out what to do. I opened the car door because it was literally below freezing, and he hopped right in on the front seat, like he'd always done that. HEARTBREAK CITY! I kept thinking about how if the dog that now lives at my folk's house escaped, I'd want people to leave her alone, because she knows her way home. But then I kept glancing at the makeshift leash and no tag.

The boyfriend urged me to take him back to the other end of the street where he was originally, so he could find his way home. So, I led him back, although what I wanted to do was close the car door and take him to my place for a new life with nail trimmings, tags and leashes. I turned around and walked back to the car, leaving him where I found him. Of course, he followed me. I wanted/still want to die. I know I should've either taken him or brought him to a shelter, but Norman Animal Control is awful - he might've been better off.

I need a dog in my life. A real dog of my own. The pain I feel from losing Zealand in the breakup is still amazingly palpable, even though I know he's happy where he is, if nothing else, the exbf is a good dog owner. Also, he'd never remember me in a million jillion years. But, that doesn't stop me from sobbing about it every now and then.

RIP Zealand. I mean, you're not dead, you're just not and will never be in my life again. Sadness.

In other news, know what tonight is? It's the returns of Riggins and co. That's right, Friday Night Lights returns to NBC for its third season. There is nothing else on. NOTHING. Greys blows. American Idol is played out. Howie Mandel has another show, which truly signals the end of television as we know it. Except for FNL. Watch it, fools.


Colleen said...

That is Heartbreak City!!! Plz go back and get the doggie. That's how I ended up with a new dog, btw. "Somebody must surely own this pup, I'll just take her home til we find the owners..." We found 'em all right.

ballerinatoes said...

Go back and see if the pup is never know. And dude, FNL rules! I cannot WAIT for 8:00 tonight.

Andrea said...

i hope you get a dog soon, you seem like you'd be a great owner!

oooh, poor street dog!

d said...

aw. sad face. go get the puppy!

Mr. Shain said...

haven't you ruined enough dogs' lives?

Rex Parker said...

When in doubt, keep the dog.


maggie's mind said...

Tough call and so heartbreaking. I have a cat from Japan that was without tag and kind of adopted me.

Congrats on your nomination for an Okie Blog Award. I look forward to reading more over here.