Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blythe's Recession Tip #46: Have an ice storm!

When unable to scrape and snap the layers of ice from your car, you can't go anywhere to spend dollar dollar bills y'all, and voila, you save money! I'm already up like $400 from not buying stamps to mail my bills. Best. Ice. Storm. Ever. I suggest you put on some old school winter brooding music, and stare out your window. 100% free!

I highly recommend Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (because, this can lead to, you know... also, usually, free).

and/or Janis Ian - Between the Lines (this won't lead anywhere but self loathing).

This might also be a good time to get some pre-spring cleaning done. I'd suggest starting with your liquor cabinet.

Happy Ice Day!

Last thing, if you have half an hour on hand and want a lifetime of jokes, just watch THESE.


ballerinatoes said...

We just had more "thunder sleet" and I'm praying to God that we don't lose power like last year.

The cleaning out of the liquor cabinet sounds like an outstanding plan.

Mr. Shain said...

EMERGENCY TARGET RUN! also i should probably swing by the liquor store.

if you want to walk over here tonight we can do yoga, for free! and then drink!

blythe said...

i don't do walking.

what else could you possibly need from target?

also, yes, sooo glad we have power this time around! although, i do look much better in the dark.

Rex Parker said...

Lead to what? What?! Sex? Is it sex!?

I saw "The Ice Storm." If that's the kind of sex I'm gonna get, then the answer is, "No thanks."


blythe said...

rp - yeah, good point. now i gotta find another free activity for ANOTHER ice day. thanks a lot.

Matt A said...


blythe said...

exactly. when was the last time anyone banged for truly free, right? there's always something.

Matt said...

I've found that it's better to charge by the hour. You can rack up a ton of billable hours that way; even if they can't really afford that second hour, they're not going to tell you to stop.

blythe said...

thanks for the pointer.

Clark Matthews said...

You mail your bills? It's time to sign up for internet banking.