Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hi 2009. Let's be friends. Also, I'm getting married. To myself.

Alright, so I think I've clawed my way out of my holiday induced sadness spiral. It was touch and go there for a bit, but I'm optimistic. Sort of. It's my new thing. No whine 09.

Rereading some of the posts from 2008, you'd think I'd had the worst year of my life. Not so! That was a combination of fourth grade when I got this terrible perm and June through December 2006. Last year was actually not too shabby, minus all the global events. I got a promotion. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia was pretty funny this past season (Watch them all! Do it! Day Man! Night Man! Need I say more?). I discovered See, not too shabby. The bad thing is, I let stress or even the mere possibility of stress, overtake mind and body, leaving me more neurotic and second helping prone than ever. Well, that too shall come to an end. However, I have no willpower. I think the only thing that would ever really convince me is the impending pressure of nuptials. I've seen it work for other people. I mean, really work. Therefore, I am marrying myself. I've set the date for June 1. If I can fit into my summer of 2006 jeans, I am purchasing myself one of two things I have been lusting after for probably four years.

Option 1: Tiffany & Co Peridot Ring

Option 2: Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart round dutch oven. Yes, I said dutch oven. Heh.

I'm totally serious about this. I think I'll start a tumblr a la b-squared if anyone's interested in following along or can offer useful advice. I will call it Fat Girl Slim.

If you need me, I will be reading Buff Brides. I'm so totally 100% serious.


Greg said...

I say get both... after all, they match!

Clark Matthews said...

Sunny always brings the goods. Did you not know about the show in 2006? Because I think it could have saved your year.

Andrea said...

i love that dutch

Michael5000 said...

I think you, um, one... will be great, um, together!

Anonymous said...

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