Thursday, May 27, 2010

i don't like doing anything i don't like to do

because that sucks. doesn't it? however, sometimes, external forces dictate that i must. i keep not making any more money, so i'm always a little strapped for cizzash, mainly because what little i do make i spend here. and here. and here. and here. funny story - i still look like crap in spite of dropping serious scrill on the fancy(ier than old navy and ross) brands. anywho, this month, june 2010, i am imposing a moratorium on apparel purchases. i have several pair of shoes that have gone unworn for years. dresses with price tags still attached. skirts i wore once then never ironed to wear again (because i am both lazy and afraid of hot things). well, june is the month when i reclaim my own wardrobe. i was going to do a thing where i wear a different pair of shoes each day, but i chickened out because i'm still super wobbly on heels. but maybe. we shall see. won't we won't see are bags from forever 21 stuffed with crap clothes (that i love, but still, they're crap) and scary credit card bills and bank statements. i can do it!

ghosts of closets past - i clearly have a problem. yes, it's weird because, yes, i still always look a little homeless even in my best outfit. it's a gift. marry me!

exhibit a:

i swear there was an exhibit b, but i can't find it. trust me. it was worse.


Jill of All Trades said...

Hey looks like my closet. The Hubby has suggested that when we remodel our bathroom/closets that we have one closet. NOT! Can't keep it like he wants. I like to live out of piles.

blythe said...

i like the piles too. but, today i'm heading to daisy exchange to be humiliated by an 18 year old who will look at the clothes purged from the piles and tell me only old people wear this so we can't buy it. and i will cry on the inside. i bet i walk out of there with a whopping $10 for the thousand dollars worth of garments i'm bringing. i hate everything.