Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh, how I wish I was lying,

but unfortunately, I have terminal dorkitis. It's hereditary, you see. Here's my belated submission for DorkFest.

1. When I was a young girl growing up in Norman, Oklahoma, I went through a phase that I assume most girls enjoyed; Victorian decoration obsession. Essentially, I pressed a lot of flowers, covered things in ribbon and doilies, developed topiaries, collected an astounding number of hatboxes, silver plated trays and leaded glass. It looked like I lived in a nursing home, except, you know, I was 12 or whatever.

2. I know all the words to this song:

3. Currently, there are three kinds of tahini in my kitchen, because I am conducting a taste test. The early lead goes to Joyva.

4. There was this little incident: Live blogging the HPVII.

5. I've made it a point to memorize the phonetic alphabet.

6. I learned to drive a standard, even though I've never owned one, just in case there's a terrible emergency and the only car is manual.

7. I used to blog regularly.

8. At the end of the tax year when I was little, before my parents would shred all of the bills, receipts, etc that had outlived the seven year retention rule, I would invite a lucky friend to come over and bring her stapler, tape, pens and paper clips - it was time to play office!

9. The voice of StarDate is Sandy Wood.

10. My pet fish was named Rimsky-Korsakov.


Matt A said...

StarDate is one of three reasons I listen to NPR.

G said...

There are SO MANY THINGS you forgot to mention!! What about the big word lists, the weekly embarrassing photos posts, the refusal to dance—and then when you do, it's always the same mouth open, hands in front of chest coyness—, what about the band you had with middle school friends where you made up incredibly absurd songs, the profound music snobbiness that you then temper by listening to misogynistic hiphop? What about that time when you tried to get the Chinese food delivery guy to practice Chinese with you?? I mean, COME ON!!

Christal said...

regarding item number 1: I remember being questioned pretty hard by mom about my choice of your birthday present =-- "Are you sure you want to give blythe these decorative fabric and feather balls?" (the same birthday where I'm pretty sure we taped some talk shows and dressed up and walked to Braum's for inexplicable reasons?)

blythe said...

matt - it's all well and good until she scares the everlovincrap out of you with tales of metorite crashes.

g - yes, these things are all true. i think, in the context of this contest, dork = smart. my dorkiness is just kind of pathetic. i do wish i could locate the string bean philp (ugh) album. can i tell you how much i hate that a fake seventh grade band was names for my real exboyfriend whom i didn't even know at the time?

christal - i still have the calico fabric balls. also, when you come home for christmas, perhaps the old gang should get back together and record for old times sake and post that crap on youtube! famous city!

Dan said...

# 10 gave me a chubby. I don't know how to interpret this development.