Saturday, October 11, 2008

blowing donkey balls

well, that just happened.



d said...

whoa. i didn't see that coming.

ku beat colorado though. you can be happy about that.

Step Right Up said...

I am P.O.ed that TX won. P.O.ed!

But I did dance the happy dance when OSU beat MO and when AR beat Auburn.

blythe said...

you and me both, d, you and me both. it was brutal.

yes, i'm happy for OSU. i have total state pride. now, if they beat us, however, i will hate on them especially hard. it's all well and good for the big 12, though, right?

5 of 9er said...

Nothing like been beat by Longhorns... not sure there is anything worse. Maybe being a Cubs fan?

blythe said...

yeah, being a cubs fan might actually be the worst. thing. ever.