Monday, October 27, 2008

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Actual Music Edition

Sometimes, I have these moments where I revert to my seventh grade self, where the most important thing was hovering near my stereo late at night, while the rest of the house was silent, absorbing, then reabsorbing a newly discovered song. My room had a window that got enough of a street light to cast a long rectangle over the carpet next to my bed. I'd lay on the floor in the middle of the lighted outline with my ear pressed to the speaker, pressing repeat until I couldn't lift my arm any longer.

TV on the Radio - Family Tree*

*Not the official video, but oh well.


jariten said...


I remember your (our) 7th grade as well. How profound you (I (we)) were. What an amazingly stupid place.


d said...

i was just gonna ask you if you'd listened to this album yet. 'family tree' kicks it hard.

another good album to check out if you haven't yet is the uglysuit | self titled.

Step Right Up said...

Wow. Our teen years were eerily similar except I was usually pushing the repeat button for some song I knew my mother wouldn't like just to hear her yell, "Turn that off!"