Sunday, September 24, 2006

why did i ever leave?

Who Is That Masked Man? It's MEL!

Mel GibsonThe first screenings of Mel Gibson's new movie "Apocalypto" weren't in New York or Los Angeles -- they were in Oklahoma. And, despite the fact that these were the big debut screenings for the film, Mel and his crew didn't exactly roll out the red carpet.

At a screening on Friday, at a casino in Goldsby, Okla., reporters were kept behind partitions. At another screening, at Cameron University on Thursday, Gibson showed up wearing a mask and wig. Not only that, but his Oklahoma-based publicist had said last week that the Oklahoma screenings had been cancelled -- probably to throw reporters off the scent. We all know the kinds of trouble Mel's been through lately, but he might be taking things to an extreme here. "Apocalypto," which is schduled for release on Dec. 8, is set in the last days of Mayan civilization in Mexico.

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