Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Pledge Drive: No More "Bloggers with Laptops" Photos


from Gawker:

A series of news-search accidents lead us to this article and accompanying photo of "[h]ome improvement blogger, Bill Chapman, and his wife, Gay." Nothing against the Chapmans, or homes, or improvements, but this photo is really the last straw. Torturously posed photos of bloggers with laptops have become so common, so de rigueur, that we just roll over and accept them now. Bill Chapman is bloggin' right from that sawhorse! Lookit, he's bloggin' about drywall now. No more complacency. We want to assemble a gallery of these photos for public ridicule. Maybe we'll run a poll, or a contest, or just a hall of shame. Regardless, send your major media bloggers-with-laptops photos to Remember, we're looking for pose. Bloggers at conferences don't count, nor any other situation when the subject might actually be blogging. We want photos that bleed artifice, and we only want them from consequential media organizations or blogs associated with same.

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