Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wanna see something scary?

It's bee-spot with eight months and almost two weeks (34.75 weeks total) of baby growth! These are horrible iPhone photos. I look like a knocked up Heidi Klum in real life instead of a troll that swallowed a dwarf in a $5 Old Navy turtleneck and maternity jeggings.  Some people get to be cute pregnant chicks.  I am not one of those people.  It's all boob and belly.  But not for much longer!


Michael5000 said...

Eight and a half months? How the hell did that happen? Oh, right, you found out at 7 months 3 weeks.

Well, I'm sure rearing a child can't be too hard, everybody does it. It probably won't affect your lifestyle much at all!!!!

blythe said...

yeah, we figure he'll just pop out one day and we'll carry on as normal. no big deal.

G said...

Holy crap. I guess this wasn't just some elaborate gag just to fool me.

And also, your outfit is actually kinda cute (I especially love your boots). Didja have to get knocked up for that to happen?

blythe said...

nope, it's for real. much to my continued shock in spite of my growing everything. i read that you especially loved my boobs first. i thought that was very smith of you. then i noticed you actually said boots. $35 at target, baby!