Thursday, February 03, 2011

House Arrest - Day Three: The Extreme Ultimate Cabin Fevering.

Ohmygoodlord, we are still trapped in our tiny abode by the snowlocaust (too soon?  yes).  My car is in the shop (dropped it off on Monday, haven't been able to retrieve it yet, but when I do, new brakes!  Yay.  Not.  Less money is more like it.) and K's car is all the way up our gravel driveway with a foot of snow 20 feet long blocking our way to our unplowed street that we couldn't get down even if we wanted to.  So, laying low again.  It's all I can do not to buy the whole internet.  Online shopping is the devil when you're bored to death, so to combat my compulsions, I forced myself to sleep in until 9am!  Gasp!  Actually, it wasn't forced as much as my body is totally feeling all eight months of baby these last few days.  Sciatica?  Check.  Weird lower pelvic pain because my bones are literally splitting apart? Check.  Stuffy nose due to recent sickness and hormones?  Yuppers.  So, TylenolPM was my best friend last night and I slept it off this morning.

On today's agenda: watching all 10 episodes of Carrier on Netflix, via PBS.  It's actually really interesting.  There was a This American Life about the inner workings of an aircraft carrier and this series shows life aboard the Nimitz as it navigates its way from the west coast of the US to the Persian Gulf.  Yes, K and I are super nerds.  Duh.  Also, on the agenda, Zeb unearthing every single toy he's ever had and leaving them as little landmines for us to step on when he's not snuggled up with me inevitably causing one of my limbs to go numb but I won't move because he's so sweet when he's asleep!  The only time!  I have a bad feeling that there might be an online purchase made later this afternoon (I think we need this) and perhaps a batch of blondies thrown into the oven for good measure.  But in the meantime, I'm reading a new blog: Young House Love.  It's rad!  These peeps are so inspiring!  Get on it!

I'm so ready to get out of here!  Yeah, no work is nice (but I can't help but think of the crap piling up second by second back at the office), and spending time with K and Z-dog is awesome, but I think I do better when busier.  I will declare the exact opposite when busy of course.


G said...

I saw this and, for no reason I can identify, thought of you:
Also, I wants it.
Also also, I want pictures of pregnant bee-spot. I'm not believing til I'm seeing proof.

Kristina said...

We just got out for the first time in a week. Horrible!
Kristina J.

blythe said...

g - that is odd. i kinda like it. i'm totally down with wearing food/love/crustacean jewelry. and yes, i do need to take pics. i hate taking pictures, as you know, and this is no different, but maybe i can do some headless belly shots. that sounded more morbid than i meant.

kristina - we're home again today for snow! holy crap, it's been a rough winter.

G said...

You have GOT to take photos of this [alleged] baby in the [alleged] oven, or when [possibly fake] child is in his teens he'll use it as ammunition in some [hypothetical] argument about how you've never loved him. Come on! MIRACLE OF LIFE AND SHIT. Allegedly. Or something.