Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh hey there, week 36...

So, one more week and bambino is fully baked!  Not that I want to see him before week 40 when he's officially done, but it's good to know he can safely delivered at 37 weeks should something freaky happen.  WHICH IT WON'T.  Because I am not ready.  Mentally (public pooping during delivery - cannot even contemplate), physically (will miss him chilling in utero), financially (do you know how much it's going to cost to pop this guy out?!), habitationally (new word meaning we haven't quite set up the nursery/anything... we have it - we just can't decide how to arrange).

In the meantime, feeling pretty ok aside from some serious, but unpredictable fatigue, like I might have face planted at my desk today (not really, but it was close) and lots of soreness.  Everywhere.  It's like I've gone for a month long hike.  It's terrifying, because this is the easy part!  Being pregnant and giving birth, while daunting, doesn't hold a candle to everything that's about to come next.  Nervouspants!

To celebrate my constantly ballooning body (as in, cannot successfully reach toes), I got a pedicure after work today.  It was orgasmic.  For $35, someone agreed to massage my feet and calves while applying all kinds of delightful substances to soothe and soften followed by a hot stone* treatment topped off with deep berry polish. IT WAS SO GOOD, I'VE GOT TO GO ALL KANYE ABOUT IT.  I wish I could have that every day.

*Please do not tell me that hot stone pedicure thingies are bad for pregnant ladies or I will cry. Not that you will see me, but you'll know.

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