Saturday, August 21, 2010

In which I kind of feel guilty about ragging on engagement pics

Today, I went to the laundromat to wash my parent's guest bedroom comforter because neither of them have any idea of how to operate a front loading commercial machines and because I suffer from debilitating, chronic, terminal parental guilt syndrome (they've spent a kajillion dollars on me, the least I can do is drag my ass to the laundromat while they're out of town caring for my ailing grandmother kind of thing). While I was there, I observed several couples happily doing their laundry. One of them holds open the door while the other shovels in a load of towels. Another pair folds t-shirts side by side. Another couple sits giggling in front of an open laptop. And another works wordlessly following a long established routine. It was kind of reassuring, like coupling's ok. And wouldn't a laundromat make a wonderful location for an engagement photo shoot? Ok, joking. Or am I?

Cute or potentially criminal? I can't help but remember this.

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