Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I hate #1,348,073.46

Elaborate engagement photo sessions. They're just weird. Sorry marrieds or about to be marrieds, but no one wants to see overly saturated pics of you in a dress from Anthropologie with cankle creating wedges and your betrothed standing hand in hand in front of a barn. Or train tracks. Or the shitty part of town trying to be some kind of rustic authenticity. Or spread out on a "vintage" quilt in a grassy field. Or a shot of your engagement shoes. Or a black and white of a somber embrace in front of a bookstore because you're literate and cool, we get it. Anyway, that is all. For today.


Anonymous said...

i hate those cheesy pictures too. it's not cute, it's not authentic. it's contrived bull sh*t. when was the last time these couples walked hand and hand over a railroad track? and did they have to buy a pair of cowboy boots to sneakily put under the dress for the look they wanted. give me some olan mills sh*t before you make me fly kites with you and turn it into a photo shoot just because i got engaged.

Evie said...

ha this is hilarious, just stumbled over here! Why IS it that people always take pictures of their damn shoes? Also, I have yet to find a good engagement photo that doesn't look overly contrived.

blythe said...

olan mills! yesssss!

i think engagement pictures are just a bad idea. how many engagement photo shoots end in actual marriage? let's do a 50 year anniversary photo shoot. then i'll give you props and you can take as many pics of your sensible shoes as you'd like.