Monday, June 15, 2009

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Modern Girl's Guide To Breaking Up Edition

I'm not breaking up with anyone, for now. Except maybe Fiber One bars. However, I do enjoy a good break up song. Yes, there are lots of oldies but goodies, I like these newer ones, though. This is, by no means, a complete list:

Single Again - Fiery Furnaces

Breaking Up - Rilo Kiley

Wake Up Alone - Amy Winehouse

Let's Not Belong Together - Pete Yorn

Irreplaceable - Beyonce

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead - Stars

I Think I Need A New Heart - The Magnetic Fields

Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams

No Children - The Mountain Goats

Song For The Dumped - Ben Folds Five

Broken Heart - Spiritualized

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - Wilco

Nothing Better - Postal Service

Smile - Lily Allen

Woke Up New - The Mountain Goats

I'm Waking Up To You - Belle & Sebastian

Foundations - Kate Nash

Grounds For Divorce - Elbow

The Ice Is Getting Thinner - Death Cab For Cutie


Andrea said...

great choices, especially ryan adams... effing depressing but SOOOOO good.

breaking up by r.k. makes me want to go skating...? still awesome!

John said...

I love these lists because they send me springboarding to bands I haven't previously listened to.

John said...

Also, because I'm a big Paul Simon fan, I think my favorite breaking up song is 50 ways to leave your lover. Cheesey, I know.

blythe said...

andrea - ryan adams is a special kind of depressing. and yes, i think skating to RK is perfectly acceptable.

john - yay! that's what i'm going for. i've kind of been out of the game - i think newer music has been sucky this year, but there's still some good stuff out there. you're in a much better area to take advantage of live music, so get out there! also, i belong to a facbook group called negotiations and love songs. it's not lame.