Sunday, November 04, 2007

That Was A Pontiac Game Changing Performance

I actually wore red to this game. Not going to lie, I was, for whatever reason, a little worried about Texas A&M. Their fans are so literally militant that I can only assume they threaten the team with their lives, obviously increasing motivation to win. Also, we've had a few close calls lately. Nothing like LSU, but that's ok, they're going to lose. And so is OSU. And then we're coming after you, Kansas, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

This was not a normal game day. Saturday marked the return of Father Bee-Spot to his perch in the end zone. He's been out of commission since Nosebleed07 and was pretty excited to get back out to the field. Of course, Mother Bee-Spot accompanied and I also joined in along with, well, I guess it's now or never, like a Band-Aid, I'm 87% sure I have what could be called a boyfriend type person. Tensions are high as my mother's antics are legendary and I get all awkward and nervous in these situations. And in general. Fortunately, these dudes sitting behind my mom stole the show and kept my mom laughing so hard she couldn't belt out her normal cries of "what the shit!" and "run!". One kid was an A&M fan while the other was for OU. They were both obscenely drunk. And, quite hysterical. A&M dude actually got my dad to say Coach Frangina. He later professed (screamed in a rare moment of almost silence) to our section that A&M doesn't have cheerleaders because of their "sexual issues." This all sounds stupid now, of course, but this kid was a riot.

OU vs Texas A&M, Saturday, November 3: A Shitty Photo Essay

I love night games! It was lovely out, too. No wind, just right and I got to rock my puffy LL Bean vest, which is apparently not fashionable here.

Look! Kid with bucket! Ok, that was me.

The Texas A&M band. Suspicious formation, no? Just Saying...

My mom and her boyfriends. But seriously, this guy was funnier than almost any other person I've met in real life lately. I told Mom to Facebook them to see if they wanted our extra Baylor tickets.
Check out that score! This is the kind of game I'm used to. None of that Iowa State bullshit.

Then I went to the bars. The end!


d said...

oh. get ready. kansas is gonna whip all over your collective asses. i talk big, because i finally can when it comes to football and ku, but holy shit dude, did you see the score of the ku/neb game?

i'm glad ou beat the aggies. i hate everything texas.

Christopher said...

I just ordered an (apparently unfashionable) puffy LL Bean vest, only to have the confirmation email tell me it was out of stock. I keep waiting to cool down about it before calling so I don't yell at the CSR, but that plan is not yet working. I want my vest!

Anonymous said...

It was a good football weekend. Did anyone else notice McFadden's new school rushing yard record of over 300 yards? Go Hogs! It's always fun to watch Spurrier's facial expressions from the sidelines. He looks like he's going to cry most of the time. Congrats to your Sooners! I, too, hate Texas teams(yet I remain a Cowboys fan because of the AR connections).

I'm not sure who to root for in the OK-KS game since I have family from both states. KS may win out since we have more family in KS than OK.

Michael5000 said...

It was a good football weekend. And now I can't really talk. Seems I threw down a little too much noise.

Now then, I hope this 87% thing is going to be a steady generator of wacky (albeit, if necessary, heartwarming) misadventures and hijinx to be shared with the blog readership, and not a now-that-I-am-so-happily-in-luuuuv-I-put-away-the-blogging-sillyness-of-my-youth-so-I-can-spend-time-gazing-in-my-beloved's-eyes sort of situation. Also, I wish you every happiness.

Go Ducks! Go Sooners!


The [Cherry] Ride said...

What are the "sexual issues"??

I'm sorry, but I am not familiar with this word "boyfriend" from you. Explanation, please.

Mr. Shain said...

no words blythe...

The [Cherry] Ride said...

[... crickets ...]

blythe said...

d - um. i don't know about that. it's going to be a good game though. mainly because we will kick your asses and crush your dreams with our crimson fists! yeah, texas sucks. except they gave us kelly clarkson.

christopher - you can borrow mine! it's reversible, green and blue.

sru - yeah, it was an intense football weekend, college and pro (adrien peterson much?) i think you have to go for oklahoma. because.

m5k - i'm impressed with your ducks, but still hate them because of their transgression. perhaps time will heal this wound, but not yet. unless we beat you and win something decent. as for the other, no comment. for now.

cherry - i have no idea what that means, i guess entrenched indoctrinated sexism?

shain - i know, there aren't. this thing fucking blows these days. i can't have it all. or any, really.

cherry - i know, right? i think it's time to pull the plug. i hope bee-spot has a dnr.

John said...

I'm glad to hear about your band-aid. However, OSU is going all the way undefeated. (Knock on wood).

Go bucks!

Michael5000 said...

I understand, Blythe, I really do. And I would never want to minimize your pain. I'm just saying: the healing starts when you're ready for it to start. That could be today. It's your choice.

d said...

crimson fists my ass. we've got the power of the cupcakes on our side! what've you got?

p.s. puffy vests are the bomb dot com.

Dan said...

I'm working on a photoshopped picture of me making out with your mom. the angle's a little weird, but I'll make it work.