Monday, July 18, 2011

Going through the big D and I do mean Dallas

Well, Henry went on his first trip as an outside baby beyond the OKC metro area.  To Texas.  I'm not proud of the destination of his first excursion, but he had to make a break for it at some point.  I joke.  Dallas is kinda awesome when you've been holed up in the OK for the last nine months (the last time H was in Texas, he was in Austin).  Margaritas were consumed, night swimming took place, pedicures at Bliss were had, the Dallas skyline observed from the rooftop pool of the W, browsing through Neiman happened, lunching at Central Market (without buying $500 worth of groceries - personal victory) and little H learned he loves guitar.  A good time had by all, all being me, H, Lacey, her bro, his wife and their parents.  Thanks to the big D.  Also, I learned that I can travel with a baby.  Well, one that's 17 weeks old (tear, I can't believe he's so grown up) and with three other people to help.  Now, if I could only find a million dollars and we could go on a real vacay... but until then, this weekend was pretty great!

P.S. I am an awesome mom and forgot to take any pictures of our adventure.  Yes.


peter said...

Great site very interesting read thank you…cheers Peter

Lolo: Adventures of Lolo said...

Did you almost die in the heatwave!?!? Sounds like a successful Dallas weekend!