Friday, July 08, 2011

being and adult is hard and crap

This "blog" often becomes a cesspool of whinery and I'm not proud of that.  The two things I was most often reprimanded for growing up were whining and arguing.  Many a spanking and later groundings were had due to the combo.  But I like them both so very much.  Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in how I'm constantly being wronged, overlooked, left out, judged, ignored that I forget how good things are or that mine is often a common experience.  Being the financially responsible party in my tiny family is super stressful and then some.  I was so relieved to read an account that mirrored a lot of my feelings, the not so nice ones and the eventual optimistic ones.

So, here's to remembering that the present will not necessarily be my future and that the past is not the present.  Or something like that.  Time to stop being such a bitch.  The last thing I need is little H getting in trouble in first grade for excessive use of sarcasm.  Like I did.  My poor mom and dad. 

See, look. I'm already not making fun of this lame-o picture. Go me!

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Michael5000 said...

Spankings are your own lookout, but how could anyone like groundings?

...oh, wait, I read that wrong.