Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gmail report: cloudy with a chance of SPAM.

I've been all down in the dumps lately. Maybe it's dumbasses who won't let the President speak to the school kids of America. Maybe it's gay fish/Kanye's outburst toward dear, sweet Taylor Swift. Maybe it's how fucking terrible Norman tap water tastes this time of year. Maybe it's that my iPod is full, but I have like one kajillion songs I'd like to add to it. Maybe it's knowing that this season of Mad Men is almost half over. But, probably, it's the theme I choose for Gmail. I picked the tree one, which somehow means it's always rainy or storming in my inbox. I'm switching to planets. Wish me luck.



Jack Gatlin said...

I hear ya.

I'm really stressing out about my cell phone ring. I don't want to download something, but I'm embarrassed whenever my phone rings. And vibrate mode is for strippers.

blythe said...

you should get a phone like mine that doesn't work even though it's new. it chooses it's own ring.

also, i went with grass, not planet. GOOD CHOICE!

plumpdumpling said...

I'm really impressed that you let the world know how boring your Inbox is. Had I posted this picture, I probably would've had to move some things around so personal messages with invitations to parties I never actually went to were at the top.