Friday, April 24, 2009

NMF! Woo woo!

Well folks, it's time for the second, now annual, Norman Music Festival. Not too shabby for a blip on the radar like Norman, OK. This year's line up includes a shit ton of local bands crowding the more than 10 stages camped out on downtown Main Street and beyond. So maybe, what, two of them won't suck? It's not me, just the odds. The headliners are Of Montreal, the Starlight Mints, Tea Leaf Green (who?) and someone else I already forgot. Rumor was Joaquin Phoenix was in the mix, but I think that fell through. Balls. I'm super psyched that the throngs descend upon Norman's historic downtown to hang out in the open air and partake of local businesses, but the line up fucking blows*.

I know we're limited, since it's, you know, Norman, but really? The best we can do is Of Montreal and a local band? Of Montreal performed at OU a couple of years ago (remind me to shoot myself for living here that long) and it BLEW. Their sound went out and they were rendered completely useless. Hipster sadness abounded. Also, I think my taste in music is decidedly female. For whatever that means. Like indie easy listening, I guess. Like what my mom would listen to if she were down with the psuedo-indie commercial scene. Like, how about the Hold Steady? That would actually be a good festival band. Or Spiritualized? That would be good. Vampire Weekend's too good for the OK? Dr. Dog? King Khan and the Shrines? Shit, even Hosty?** Anyone besides Of Montreal? Dunno why I'm so negative, but it seems like a good opportunity wasted.

However, of course, I will attend because what is better than wandering around in the sunshine with lots of peeps, dogs and beer? Answer: nothing. The BF and I are scheming to find the best way to beverage ourselves without paying for drinks. As in, seriously considering parking a beer packed car right now in a lot close enough to walk to from the venues for easy access. We shall see. It might be the perfect day for a flask.

Album that's getting me through the day: Jim - Jamie Lidell.

Cannot get efuckingnough of this guy. This album's a patented commute buster. Get it. It's this weird composite of schmaltzy Stevie Wonder, super 80s Zapp ad Roger, weird Prince, and the choir from Sister Act 2. It works, though.

Another Day and Out Of My System

Little Bit of Feel Good

*Yes, I realize we are lucky to have anyone agree to play this place. See here.
**Do you live in the area? Have you not yet been to Hosty? Are you rere?


The [Cherry] Ride said...

What is this "Norman" place you keep referring to, and does it really exist?

Mr. Shain said...

my favorite part was discovering a working cigarette vending machine.

Michael5000 said...

I like "beverage" as a verb. Now that I know about it, I'll be beveraging regularly.