Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Car troubles. I has them.

Have you ever been driving to work and your car makes a popping noise, then a grinding noise, then a dying noise, then another dying noise, and some more popping and clicking before all of the dash lights come on signifying death? So that happened today. As I wait for it to be towed and to empty my savings and to keep from crying at the thought of emptying my savings over a fucking water filter and timing belt, let's all look at this and smile.

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the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Hopefully, you have better luck with timing belt repairs than I did.

Mine tore, then I took it in to get it fixed, and the mechanic said, "Well, here's the problem. We fixed it, but you'll be back in two weeks time. For whatever reason, these things just keep ripping." Two weeks later, there I was. Fortunately, when I came back, he only charged me for parts. But I ended up parking the car and getting a new one six months later.

Andrea said...

SHIIIIIIT. (a la Clay Davis/the Wire)

good luck girl.

Julie_Gong said...

i didn't read the post yet and that is because of the title.

i am still LOLing. yes, LOLing!

blythe said...

the indmj - oh no! they still haven't called me, so either my car never made it to the shop or they're scheming of ways to make money off of me by breaking other stuff. so far, i estimate it's going to be about $800. awesome5000.

andrea - shiiiiit is right. i wish i were omar. then i'd just kill my car and steal another.

jgong - every now and then (rarely, to be sure), i am not funny. i know this. shain reminds me all the time. in the meantime, significant otters! ha!

Michael5000 said...

Ha! Ha! Those otters are CUTE!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

If it's any consolation...yesterday my brakes gave up the ghost. I had to drive the kids to school this morning with that wonderful grinding/driving over fresh snow noise the whole way. Ugh. And here I thought I was about to start saving money.

blythe said...

m5k - aren't they though?

indmj - oh no! i just did that last month. it's always something. goodbye savings.

John said...

Hey B-lythe,

If it's timing belt issues, it's time to get a new car (you listed timing belt and water filter, but I think you meant water-pump (it's powered by the timing belt in a lot of cars)).

Call me if you want to discuss the technical aspects, but basically if the timing belt breaks while you're driving, the car's done.

Happy Thursday!