Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nice to see you too, dick.

Last night, the BF and I headed up to the Diamond Ballroom in OKC to see my beloved The Hold Steady (yes, that sounds weird). All was well as we sipped $5 24os Modelo (not too bad) until I saw a familiar sight. Or shape, more specifically. This dude off in the distance had an enormous melon. Like huge. I thought to myself, dang! That looks like the ex-boyfriend's head. Poor guy! Then I noticed another dude with a similarly outrageous head. And then I knew. The exbf (and older brother) had descended upon OK from on high (aka New Hampshire) to grace the Sooner state with his presence. Yippee. I have not seen him in about three, three and a half years. In fact, just last month I celebrated four years of break up (thanks!).

Yet still, I totally panicked. Mainly because they had this relatively good looking chick with them. And I am superficial and insecure, so you can see how this goes. After observing the group for a couple minutes I deduced that she was the older bro's date and that she's only dating him for his money (he makes bank). I immediately texted (yeah, I just used that as a verb, shoot me) those who would understand and tried to drink my gigantic beer with shaking hands. This kid rocked me to my core and left me for dead, essentially. And now, here he is, pretending to be cool and like THS (yeah, right). In any case, I calmed down, finished my beer, and enjoyed the show.

I kept urging the current BF to move closer to the stage with me, but he refused because he's super tall, so I scooted up and wouldn't you know it, I wound up about three people behind him. So, I steeled myself and moved forward to tap him on the shoulder. He turned around and I waved. We couldn't hear anything, obvs, so we couldn't say anything. He looked stoned out of his mind, so maybe he didn't recognize me or hates me so much that he pretended not to know who I was. In either case, it was awful. Seriously, dude. We were together for seven years, lived together for three of it and you pretend you don't know who I am?

Oh, for fuck's sake. I don't even know what to say about this other than, damn! But I hope he's happy and all that bullshit. I guess.


John said...

This stuff never entirely goes away, unfortunately. I still have the occasional nightmare staring ex-girlfriends.

It really sucks that you're still bumping into each other.

ddnichols said...

That is definitely way worse than what happened to me (seeing as how you LIVED TOGETHER), but I ran into this guy that I went out with (we'd also worked together) just a few months after we'd gone out and he claimed that he didn't remember my name.

John said...

that should have been "nightmare starring ex-girlfriends", although "nightmare staring" has a certain creepy quality as well.

blythe said...

i actually liked the imagery of nightmare staring exgirlfriends. in any case, although he surely was literally only a mile away while in norman last week, he never called, never nothing. what a huge turd. he must really hate me, man. maybe i should be proud to have left such an impression? yes, i'll go with that.

Anonymous said...

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