Thursday, January 07, 2010

x-treme ultimate sadness

Yesterday, I was leaving work around lunch and totally backed into a parked car behind me. I just threw it in reverse, looked behind me, didn't see anything that second, and started moving. It was only when I could feel the car meeting some kind of resistance and see the horrified look of the woman whose car door I was crushing before I realized something wasn't normal. BLAST! I haven't been in any sort of incident for over 10 years. 10 years! And now, my rate's gonna get jacked, I can't afford the deductible to fix the damaget my (new!) car, and my parents are disappointed in me for being a 'tard. The moral of this story is, Toyota Matrix's have fucking huge blind spots, so beware. Also, don't sit in your parked car along a no parking yellow lined curb unless you want someone to hit you.

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John said...

Too bad! Depending on how illegally she was situated, you may not be the one legally at fault (or your share of the fault may be proportioned according to how stupidly she was parked, depending upon how your state does stuff). I'm sure the b.f. can fill you in on relative fault liability.

But, bottom line, you're probably stuck with the body damage until you can pay the deductible.