Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The one where I didn't get to go to ACL,

but the BF did. You can read his about it here. I stayed behind to slave away for the greater good. Boo.


Andrea said...

this years line up was looking pretty sweet... i didn't get to go either.


i did, however, see jenny lewis a few weeks ago and confirmed my everlasting
love for her and her blue jumper.

d said...

the bf seems a little bitter about the indie music scene.

thanks for saving the world yet again.

cvr said...

in my defense, it's a lot harder to write about the good shows. but i suppose that may just speak to my disposition. anyhow, here are the great shows about which i had nothing to say:

-hot chip
-gogol bordello
-sharon jones & the dap kings

d said...

sorry. i was just being snotty. it's easy to hate on the hipster-hyped shows. they can be frustrating to say the least. both the audience and the bands. and i share your hatred of vampire wknd.

i would kill many small children to see gogol bordello live.